Earthly Cycles

Cycles symbolically mean progression, growth, development in forward or onward movement; regeneration linked with cycles of manifestation, birth, death, transition, rebirth, the Zodiac, time, seasons and human destiny.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Discover your connection to the Stars

Throughout time, we as humans have looked up to the stars in wonder...
Astrology provides a window between the material and the spiritual world. It is based on concrete observable phenomena, and yet makes use of the data un an entirely different way (perspective), forming a bridge between the scientific world view and that of the artistic, the esoteric and ultimately the spiritual.
The stresses of Life are NO surprises when we pay attention to the cycles, patterns or events that recur in time and repeat in intervals. Awareness means progression, growth and development in forward or onward movement.

Date, Time & place of birth

Your Natal Birth Chart is your personal map, calculated using the date and time you were born from the perspective of your birth location and the placement of the stars directly above "YOU", at that moment in time.
To process your "CHART", Date (mo-day-year), Time of day (AM or PM) and Place (city, state, country)are absolutely necessary to create a personalized and interpreted to give you the 'head's up' of what may in store for your future, as well as answering questions about the past events or occurences, previously ignored. Containing the 4 keys - planets, signs, houses and aspects, you will soon understand your connection, creating a doorway towards progression.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1 in the Beginning - Ancient Practices

Astrological Houses

Astrological Houses – the houses reflect the circumstances we create and encounter as we make our way through life. The sign/planet on the cusp of each house is like the door to the “room”. From the month, day, time and place of your birth, until NOW and forever – you will cyclically return to each of these houses, and their influences on your personality. Example: If you were born on 6-9-1969, your 1st House would be June 9th, through July 8th; 2nd House-July 9th thru August 8th; 3rd House-August 9th thru September 8th; 4th House-September 9th thru October 8th; 5th House – October 9th thru November 8th; 6th House – November 9th thru December 8th; 7th House – December 9th thru January 8th; 8th House – January 9th thru February 8th; 9th House – February 9th thru March 8th; 10th House – March 9th thru April 8th; 11th House – April 9th thru May 8th; 12th House – May 9th thru June 8th. And, it begins again, with the following influences, as well as whatever ‘personal’ aspects are part of your “Natal Birth Chart”.

1 – Initiating Courage/Rising Abilities
The Ascending house of Aries and Mars, under the element of Fire – influences this month (your birth month) in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 1st House re-presents our effectiveness in our physical presence and psychological motivation towards health, attitude and well-being. Relating to the first impression that you make on people – the way you dress, move, adorn yourself, the overall condition of your body, and your health. Examples: What you look like; the personal self, it’s chief characteristic is action – destiny in the making; the present, defining personality, appearance, disposition and manner; Outlook on life; the window through which you view the world; Personality & Ego – the face you present to the outside world.

2 – Maintaining & Attracting Responsibility
The second house of Taurus and Venus, with the element of Earth – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 2nd House re-presents our qualities we value in ourselves and others, regarding partnerships and possessions, as well as emotional and financial security. This house handles the issues of possessions – money, objects and qualities you value. It is also descriptive of your “self-esteem”(an earned presence and/or ability to hold yourself in enough regard and strong enough NOT to compromise yourself for survival, success or affection). Examples: what you own; your resources; financial standing, money, possessions; peace of mind; manner in which you meet obligations; repository of the strongest desires; that which life is dedicated to redeem (values); earning and spending capacity; Life values and earthly power.

3 – Mindfully Relating
The third house of Gemini and Mercury, with the element of Air – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 3rd House re-presents our reactions and/or responses towards communication, day to day life, tasks and skills, and how it affects our mental attitude and learning abilities. This house corresponds to your neighborhood, operating on auto-pilot performing routine tasks, as well as when we learned the skills we take for granted. This house also shows our relationships with siblings. Examples: What you think, your ability to relate to the environment; the synthesizing powers of the conscious mind; dexterity, duality and restlessness; early education and development; short journeys; brothers and sisters and their attitude towards you; acquaintances and neighbors; writings, news, communications, and rumors; memory, perception and speech; taken for granted skill; Self-expression and the power of Choice .

4 – Intuition/Nurturing Tribal Character
The fourth house of Cancer and the Moon, with the element of Water – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 4th House re-presents our foundation brought from our childhood home, domestic life, parenting and especially the emotional ties to the Mother archetype, or the parent who nurtured you. A time for “Nesting”. This house contains the emotional warehouse of memories that you operate from subconsciously. Examples: Your base of operations in the outer world – your home and your inner world – your soul; that which is hidden in the depths of self; index to home and all domestic affairs; counsels you whether to stay or to leave your birthplace and the advantage to be gained in either course; defines nature of one’s residence; end of matters – the latter part of life; matters relating to real estate and property; least prominent parent in life; and, establishing your emotional foundation.

5 – Expressive Individuality
The fifth house of Leo and the Sun, with the element of Fire – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 5th House re-presents our affects relating to children creatively, our expressions of love and pleasure, and the lessons of our Father archetype. This house is your ‘creative side’, where your hobbies, interests and playmates are found. This house also refers to speculation and gambling. Examples: Play & Fun; Creativity; Good Fortune; Self-expression, any effort put forth to distinguish yourself from others – children you create, books you write, affections you display, anything that bears your personal stamp; all emotional and romantic tendencies coming from the heart; House of hidden Karma, the misuse of will and the love principle; rules children – child of the mind and emotions, as well as the body; speculation, amusement, dramatics, theatres, schools; love affairs and luck or lack of it; erotic energies, including creativity, sexuality and synchronicity/chance.

6 – Generous Will
The sixth house of Virgo and Mercury, with the element of Earth – Influences this month in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 6th House re-presents our daily rhythms relating to our health, diet, exercise, routine hobbies and how we ground creatively with hobbies. This is the month for resolution making and keeping. Pets are traditionally an issue in this house since we incorporate them into our daily routine. Examples: House of self-adjustment, work and health or lack of either (they are tied together), the busy person has no time to be sick; food, clothing, comforts and domestic pets; mental or physical conflicts resulting from expression of EGO, depicting any enmity between the dweller in the body and the physical body, out of which mental, nervous or organic dis-ease may develop; an obscure arc, since the nature of services rendered or received is more or less personal, unobtrusive and routine; service portraying one’s capacity to serve, as well as the character and qualities of those who serve you – employees and dependents, and your relationship with them; working conditions; seeking security in the physical world.

7 – Appreciating Balance/Harmony
The seventh house of Libra and Venus, with the element of Air – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 7th House re-presents our concern with partnerships – business nad pleasure. This is the house of commitment and emotional stability. This house is the relationship space, dealing with marriage, partnerships and any other one-on-one interaction with others. Enemies are also part of this house. Examples: the house of not-self in opposition to the personal self; the angle of relationships; the beginning of the individuality rather than the personal concerns; the “WE” consciousness; cooperation or the lack of it; open adversaries.

8 – Process Reflection
The eighth house of Scorpio and Pluto, with the element of Water – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 8th House re-presents our sharpening and directly sexual appetite, money we acquire by our own efforts, and more traditionally – the house of death – of old ways and the beginning of a new life. This is the house that deals with emergencies and how we handle them. The side that deals with agony and ecstasy, with sex, death, and all manner of mergers, financial or otherwise. This house also holds information about surgeries, therapy and the way we generate after loss. Examples: House of Generation (sex), degeneration or regeneration; regeneration through enlargement of viewpoint, both spiritual and mental; death and the manner of it; rules the astral (psychic) plane and people with planets here have often brought over a legacy of sensitivity to invisible currents – often afflicted, having been involved in the misuse of psychic abilities (especially Mars/Neptune); partners’ possessions and financial conditions; a celestial messenger in disguise, a challenge to penetrate this disguise and become the recipient of the blessing it bears; other peoples’ resources – stocks, inheritance, death and closure.

9 – Expanding Horizons
The ninth house of Sagittarius and Jupiter and the element of Fire – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 9th House re-presents our focus on higher education, long-distance travel, ideals, dreams, and challenges. This is the realm of the super conscious mind and the deeply ingrained religious philosophy of self. This house is the “new experience” house, like legal matters, publishing, advertising and forming opinions are handled here. Politics, religion and philosophy are also in this house. Examples: Intuition, inspiration and spiritual visions; long journeys; expansions of horizons both mental and spiritual; House of Spirit; probability of distant travel, timing, nature and results; worldwide contacts and mental adjustment to racial ideas; with an authors’ works, in publication; understanding; wisdom; also, the house that rules in-laws.

10 – Structuring Efforts
The tenth house of Capricorn and Saturn, with the element of the Earth – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 10th House re-presents our “Calling” or career, aspirations, ambitions, reputation and social status. What you are known for – Are you living uniquely, lovingly and sharing your gifts? Examples: Prestige, honor and standing in society; amplifier of the personality as the public looks at you; professional career, reputation; Father archetype; employers, if not self-employed; highest potential – completing the integration of self.

11 – Affective Commitment/Breaking Tradition
The eleventh house of Aquarius and Uranus, with the element of Air – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 11th House re-presents our objectives in life, our social conscience and our relationships with our friends – socially and one-on-one. Remember that your friends and helpers are stronger than your enemies. This is the most social of houses, as it decides which groups are your peers. Your friends and allies, the type of organizations you are drawn to and how you act in group situations. Examples: Goals and objectives; friendships; social relationships; hopes, wishes, projects, and ambitions; index to the idea of happiness and the probability of attaining it; personal and emotional desires; higher levels of consciousness; if ruler of the 11th house is stronger than the 7th house ruler (in personal natal aspects), your allies are stronger than your enemies; Interaction with the world – relating your creativity to humanity.

12 – Thriving Survival
The twelfth house of Pisces and Neptune, with the element of Water – Influences this month, in addition to your personal natal aspects.
The 12th House re-presents our need for seclusion, faith and institutions. It is linked to hospitals and prisons with regards to the root of psychological and/or unconscious behaviors. This is the house that ‘hides’ your secrets, the side of you that only comes out when you are alone. It is the house where you keep all your traits and behaviors that you were taught to stifle or deny. House of Karma. Examples: House of drawn shades, that which is hidden; the subconsciousness attitudes that are a hangover from the past; house of self-undoing, frustration, limitation and confinement; initiation and ultimate understanding; service or suffering; House of charity, given or received; House of Karma – the law of cause and effect from which there is no escape, without atonement or attunement to that which is above and beyond the law; the Grace of God; the Unconscious.

Learning with this tool, observing our interaction with the cycles of nature, establishes our connection with the Universe and ‘feeling’ that everything flows in our lives, cyclically. It offers the opportunity to learn more about our unique rhythm and the wonder of the synchronistic alignment. The date, time and place of our birth was no accident, and our ‘destiny’ is in our personal astrological chart, making life and what it offers, a little bit easier to understand and process. It also gives a little insight to events and changes that are coming, so that we may prepare for them, in a healthy way – rather than take them as a victim or personally.

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