Earthly Cycles

Cycles symbolically mean progression, growth, development in forward or onward movement; regeneration linked with cycles of manifestation, birth, death, transition, rebirth, the Zodiac, time, seasons and human destiny.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Discover your connection to the Stars

Throughout time, we as humans have looked up to the stars in wonder...
Astrology provides a window between the material and the spiritual world. It is based on concrete observable phenomena, and yet makes use of the data un an entirely different way (perspective), forming a bridge between the scientific world view and that of the artistic, the esoteric and ultimately the spiritual.
The stresses of Life are NO surprises when we pay attention to the cycles, patterns or events that recur in time and repeat in intervals. Awareness means progression, growth and development in forward or onward movement.

Date, Time & place of birth

Your Natal Birth Chart is your personal map, calculated using the date and time you were born from the perspective of your birth location and the placement of the stars directly above "YOU", at that moment in time.
To process your "CHART", Date (mo-day-year), Time of day (AM or PM) and Place (city, state, country)are absolutely necessary to create a personalized and interpreted to give you the 'head's up' of what may in store for your future, as well as answering questions about the past events or occurences, previously ignored. Containing the 4 keys - planets, signs, houses and aspects, you will soon understand your connection, creating a doorway towards progression.

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